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Fill In Empty Corners With These 5 Accent Chairs

June 27, 2017 par Karuna Warrier
After moving into your new home, you suddenly find a few corners of the house begging for your attention. Single side chairs come to the rescue. These accent chairs come in all kinds of colours and shapes, different sizes and styles; and they can easily blend in or stand out.
masters chairs on patio, photo from pinterest

Grace Your New Patio with Masters Chairs

June 10, 2017 par Karuna Warrier
Moving this summer? You must be thinking of how you are going to take advantage of the summer on your new patio. You are going to invite friends over for a drink and barbecue, admiring the last rays of the sunshine and enjoying the great outdoors. Let's help you make your patio beautiful and cozy with Masters chairs.
Tolix dining chair in garden  Photo credit: micasarevista.com

How Did the Tolix Become an Iconic Bar Stool?

May 30, 2017 par Karuna Warrier
An icon of mid-century industrial design, the Tolix dining chair and bar stools have become a quintessential part of the cafe collection. Even if you don't know the name, you have probably spotted them in coffee shops, terraces and public venues. Find out how the Tolix has remained popular and is becoming even more popular eighty years after its creation.
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8 Living Room Mistakes with Easy Fixes

March 20, 2017 par Veronica Gardner

While we're fully aware that the living room is the most important space of our home, we often unwittingly make mistakes that can ruin the beauty of this special place. From furniture selection to room layout, from colour choices to wall art decor, there are pitfalls to be wary of. In this article, you'll find 8 living room mistakes that you should avoid and easy-to-fix ideas to correct them.

5 Perfect Area Rugs For Hardwood Floors

5 Perfect Area Rugs For Hardwood Floors

December 01, 2016 par Heenay Patel

Area rugs are as versatile as they are beautiful, offering functional protection for floors and endless aesthetic charms for homeowners. Enhance your décor with the following pieces from Wazo Furniture.

Benched: 5 Stylish Pieces to Class up Your Home

Benched: 5 Stylish Pieces to Class up Your Home

October 26, 2016 par Heenay Patel

An often neglected part of interior design is the bench. But used at the right place and placed at the right spot, benches will add class and style to your living space. When paired up with matching tables and other furniture, they create a harmonious environment that epitomizes modern living.


How to Revive Your Living Room with Statement Seating

How to Revive Your Living Room with Statement Seating

October 21, 2016 par Tanya Riz Tan
It doesn't take much to revive your living room. All it takes may be just a few statement chairs. From geometric chairs to ghost chairs, statement chairs are like pieces of artwork that draw the eye’s attention, so they are perfect pieces to reflect your personality.
Four Must Have Mid Century Re-issues For Your Home

Four Must Have Mid Century Re-issues For Your Home

October 13, 2016 par Danielle Todd
Mid-century design has stood the test of time due to the clean, natural shapes and bold colours. Choosing mid-century accessories in a modern home can be a challenge. So what four classic mid-century accessories are your must-haves?
Go Monochrome: 5 Ways To Get the Minimalist Look at Home

Go Monochrome: 5 Ways To Get the Minimalist Look at Home

October 10, 2016 par Tanya Riz Tan
People mostly associate monochrome with dull and boring, but you'll be surprised how it can work wonders for small spaces. Find out how these 5 pieces of monochrome furniture will make a difference to your home.
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3 Design Tricks to Add Illusion of Space

September 12, 2016 par Veronica Gardner
When transitioning to the creation of space in the home, the use of certain skills to create the illusion of space can go a long way in making a small space seem more spacious than it actually is.