acacia tree Live edge table, also known as freeform edge table or simply freeform table is a gift from nature. With years and years of natural history written into its tree rings, the table took on a new life to tell a human story through the countless hands of craftsmen who have turned a piece of wood into a piece of beautiful art. Now it's your turn to write your own story and memory into the one and only table that speaks to you. When you buy a live edge table, you're not only getting a piece of functional furniture, you are also acquiring a piece of artwork.

What Are Live Edge Wood Tables?

They are beautiful works of art, hand crafted from salvaged trees. The tables are made Suar treefrom natural wood slabs that have been air dried and finished with kiln dry. Nature is one of the oldest artist and it has put individual style in every piece. It is this individuality that makes every live edge style one of a kind. This piece of furniture is meticulously worked on by skilled artisans, finished, then assembled into a piece that lasts. Feel confident in ordering this table online! Wazo guarantees you will be beyond happy for years to come.

The Process

The perfect piece of wood is first curated from a huge collection of pieces. suar wood slabFrom this point it is milled and dried of its moisture content with both air dry and kiln dry techniques. It is at this point the artistic artisan steps in to develop that custom piece. Every table slab is carefully and artfully put together by skilled craftsmen. We love the ideas of our customers and cater to their individual preferences so we work with them to potentially further the individualizing process. The range of the table size varies anywhere from 4’ to 9’ thanks to the customization process we offer.

How to Choose Your Live Edge Table?

Every wood slab is unique in its patterns, grains, knots, tones, curves and imperfections, so you can examine all the unique features of each table to determine what suits you best, not only functionally but also aesthetically in terms of your taste and preference. The good news is that you can come to Wazo's showroom if you live in the Montreal area to choose your own table: the shape, the stain, the finish and the legs. We have the tables all lined up for you to examine closely.

If you can't come to the showroom and want to place an order online, we have good news for you as well. You can schedule a FaceTime or Skype video chat with one of our design experts to choose the table of your dreams! We will send multiple angled HD pictures and video of the table you chose so you can rest assured the one that arrives upon delivery is the one that caught your eye!  

We currently offer Acacia live edge table and Suar live edge table.

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acacia wood table slabs
These live edge tables are lined up at Wazo's showroom for you to choose.


Customize Your Live Edge Table?

Your home furnishing reflects your personality. We know that our customers have their individual needs, tastes and preferences. You may want your table to be cut shorter to fit into smaller spaces, or you like a certain table but prefers a different leg style, or your favourite colour is dark walnut, or you prefer a matte finish to a glossy one, or how about tung oil, oil sealer, varnish finishing? We can satisfy all of these unique requirements of yours. Our inhouse ebeniste is going to work with you to achieve the effect you desire. The end result will be a unique piece of artistic furniture you can proudly call your own.

Caring for your table

  • Remember to dust!

Most people do not know this but, if enough dust collects on wooden furniture it can lead to the finish getting scratched. It is this reason why we highly recommend that you dust your table often -preferably with a lint free microfibre cloth. This simple process will help to guarantee a long life for you your live edge wood table. It may even become a family heirloom, if enough time passes. Please note that dry dusting is not a good idea as it may leave unsightly scratching. So you can either use wood oil or simply soft damp cloth to clean your wood table.

  • Avoid High Heat Areas

It is important to remember that you need to keep away from high heat areas of the home or radiators. Our wood tables are made from natural wood so exposing them to that temperature swing can lead to the wood warping or splitting. Don’t worry, you’re ok to put it close to a bright and big window!

  • Be aware of humidity levels

If you have owned genuine wood furniture before then you are well aware that it is sensitive to extremes in humidity. To ensure longevity of your table, it is important that you try to keep the humidity level between 40 and 45 percent. If the room humidity drops below this point, it can cause your natural wood table to crack. If the humidity is too high then it may cause the table to swell. Don't forget that prolonged moisture like spills and drops might stain the finishing, so it's a good idea to clean up any spills as soon as possible. 

  • Yearly shining

You will need to polish your table once a year to ensure that it shines like the first it entered your home. Avoid silicone based polish products like pledge because it can be absorbed by the natural wood over time and ruin your rustic table. Instead, find and use a hard carnauba wax. Polishing the table requires a little effort, luckily you only have to do it once per year.

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