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Wazo Furniture is a fast growing Canadian home furnishing company, specialising in vintage recreations of high end mid-century style furniture solutions. At Wazo we believe in creating a domestic getaway for our customers by removing the middlemen and streamlining our delivery process in order to provide quality products at an affordable rate. Due to our rapid expansion, we are currently looking for flexible, dynamic, driven individuals who are looking to grow and expand together with us. If you have what it takes to make a difference at a fast paced startup and want to build a truly dynamic career, we'd like to have a chat with you. Please send your CV to

We currently have the following opening positions:

1. Customer service representative
Full Time, Bilingual (English & French), 2 years of experience in customer service

2. Carpenter
Full Time, 2 years of experiences in wood working

3. Sales Associate
Full Time, Bilingual (English & French ), 2 years of experiences in sales.

4. Inventory and Product Coordinator

Job Description:

-Provide Reports

Reporting both low-stock inventory and surplus inventory to manager on a regular basis.

-Receive and Record Inventory

Making sure that each shipment is properly received and recorded into the company’s inventory system. Information that may need to be entered can include the type of product received, the quantity of each product received and the date on which the shipment arrived.

-Maintain Count Accuracy

Responsible for maintaining the highest possible level of count accuracy at all times, must frequently engage in the digital and physical counting of merchandise. This can involve the repeated adding and subtracting of numbers in a computer database, as well as the manual counting of items in a warehouse.

  • Responsible for systematic movement of inventory as moving through inventory management software (ERP)
  • Responsible for systematic asset, rack location, and additional attribute capture
  • Thorough investigation of all inventory variances reported as they occur
  • Troubleshoot discrepancies, identify rood causes and recommend corrective actions
  • Audit inventory locations for accuracy
  • Document all errors identifying the extent of the error and the individual responsible

-Collaboration with Cross-functional team

Cross-functionally coordinate with operations team as well as the purchasing team and make sure the input and output of inventory in system is accurate and in timely matter

Required Skills:

Inventory and Product coordinator must be able to simultaneously monitor the big-picture numbers of a company’s inventory, as well as the specific numbers of each individual product. This means that Inventory and Product coordinator need to have great attention to detail, a calm and methodical working style and the ability to multitask under pressure. We are looking for Inventory and Product Coordinator with the following skills.

  • Math proficiency
  • Strong skills in Microsoft Office (Excel)
  • Familiarity with ERP and data entry systems will be asset
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Great written and verbal communication
  • Strong team player and can work under minimum supervision




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