Fill In Empty Corners With These 5 Accent Chairs

Moving in to your dream home is always exciting. You begin to visualize and plan your space with your newly bought furniture. But once moved in and furnished, you suddenly realise that one little space got left out into oblivion. Single accent chairs always come in handy and bring the space out of oblivion, furnishing it in a way that they blend in easily with the rest.

As accessories, single side chairs demand certain aesthetic features to stand out of the rest beautifully. Montreal-based Wazo Furniture offers mid-century and Scandinavian style single side chairs, whose designs play the dual role of attracting attention and mingling with the rest naturally. Here are some of the common spaces that often remain ignored and some tips to fill them up with mid-century modern furniture:      

  • Low back metal Windsor chair near the entrance:

windsor chair at entrywayYou might be thinking of wearing heels for a gala night. But how will you wear it standing, as you do not want to walk around your clean dream home with shoes worn outside? You do not want yourself nor kids parading around the house with dirty shoes! The solution is easy – a single side chair near the entrance. The low back metal Windsor chair is a good option for this. The flat surface seat of the low back metal Windsor chair avoids the concern of drowning into the chair while trying to lean forward to wear your shoes. The design also allows the chair to stand independently, while at the same time get coupled with a wood-coloured low closed shoe rack.  

  • A single Bertoia Wired Diamond Chair in the living room

You decorated your living room with all the essentials like a couch, an armchair, central coffee table. But hey, what about that corner which still screams out loud? A mid-century design never fails to satisfy your needs of practicality and aesthetic beauty, both at the same time. Bertoia diamond chair living roomA Bertoia Wired Diamond Chair, from the 1950s, is a curve-shaped, slightly deep-seated armchair made out of welded steel rods. Adorned with a cushion and the industrial material, the Harry Bertoia-designed pointed chair fits into any corner adding a sublime grace through art to the living room, and ease for a nice long chat with your friends and family.

  • A Phillipe Starck Masters Chair in the patio/balcony

The patio or the balcony is an alluring annexe to your dream house. Any kind of renovation, you go to the patio. A lot of guests in your house for a barbeque, you go to the patio. A single independent black Phillippe Starck Masters Chair, along with the primary patio furniture, can tailor any of your needs in the patio. Its unique re-interpreted three-in-one design not only adds to the elegance of the patio, the mashup also provides comfort with its low not-too-reclining back, and its curved shallow seat. Also, the UV stabilized and weather resistant material will keep you tension-free. Check out our blog "Grace Your New Patio with Masters Chairs" to learn more.

  • A Forest side chair in front of pillar

An open floor plan contributes to enhancing the spaciousness of the area. But it is always supported by a load bearing column. This roof support might make you wonder how and where to place your couch. But stop! Do not get disheartened by the column, it is necessary for the support and stability. No compromises on that for sure! A single side chair like the Forest Side chair solves this problem of leaving the load bearing column unfurnished and vacant. The intricate cut-out mid-century design of a tree of the Forest Side chair can be an appealing contrast against a white pillar, making the design ever more visible. The sturdy moulded plastic seat can be decorated with a thin round-shaped or a loose cushion, if one desires for extra comfort.forest chair black

  • A Tolix stool in the kitchen

Boxes unpacked and the kitchen cabinets filled. With all the lower cabinets in your new kitchen filled in with the utensils and plates for immediate and everyday use, you decide to store the more expensive ones in the upper cabinets saved only for occasions. A side Tolix stool with a wooden seat is a good option for tough uses in the kitchen. The iconic mid-century designed stool is a robust and sturdy made out of powder-coated steel. A single side Tolix chair will make your kitchen look more stylized while at the same time providing enough practicality. To learn more about Tolix chairs and stools, please visit our blog "How Did the Tolix Become an Iconic Bar Stool?". 

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